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Facial Procedures

Dr. Hannah Vargas at Vargas Face and Skin Center in Kansas City provides expertise in plastic surgery and cosmetic facial enhancements. From BOTOX injections to nose reshaping, Dr. Vargas offers her patients a full range of surgical and cosmetic facial procedures. Her approach to cosmetic surgery is a woman’s perspective: performed with great precision.

Dr. Vargas is a highly-trusted and board certified plastic surgeon. By utilizing the latest technological advances in cosmetic surgery and a caring approach toward each patient, Dr. Vargas strives to develop a highly-personalized cosmetic treatment plan that is designed to help each individual patient achieve their unique aesthetic goals.

Brow Lift

Eye Lid Lift

Vargas Eye Lift Procedures


Cheek Augmentation

Ear Surgery

Quick Lift

Neck Lift

Chin Augmentation

Fat Grafting

Facial Liposuction

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