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The Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Eyebrows are restored with hair that is taken from the back of the scalp by either method of FUE or Strip transplant. Dr. Vargas designs the new brows by providing attention to every last detail. Not only is the shape of the brow important, but so is the positing of hair to create a natural looking, attractive and full brow.

The Eyebrow Restoration Results

In most cases, the areas of grafted hair will begin to grow naturally by 10 to 16 weeks after the procedure.  The transplanted hair will grow at the rate of the donor scalp hair, but can slow down over time. Regular trimming of the transplanted hair is necessary, but for most is a small amount to pay for permanent results.

Eyebrow Restoration Candidates

Candidates for transplant include:

  • Anyone who wishes to restore or re-shape their eyebrows
  • Patients who have experienced hair loss after illness or surgery
  • Anyone with areas of trauma needing restoration
  • Anyone who wishes to have hair in an area where they have little or no hair

Transplant options are discussed at the consultation where the best option for you and your needs will be recommended. Hair restoration treatments are performed in the Vargas Hair Institute and are usually performed using local anesthesia. Patients return home the same day and resume normal activities in a short amount of time.

“After chemotherapy, my eyebrows never grew back correctly. Getting my eyebrows restored has made a huge impact on my confidence, especially now that I’m cancer free and ready to live my best life!”

Are you a candidate for eyebrow restoration?

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