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ACell + PRP Therapy

ACell + PRP is a new non-surgical treatment in the hair market with limited down time.  This therapy works to preserve and thicken hair in patients who are genetically predisposed to hair loss.  Whether you are opposed to a transplant or not currently a candidate, PRP injections give patients an attractive alternative treatment option. 

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentration derived from your own blood, which contains a lot of good growth factors to help stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp.  The treatment is optimized when combined with ACell.  Research indicates increased response in the stimulation of miniaturizing hair follicles when treated with both PRP and ACell during the same treatment.

What is ACell?

ACell is a biometrix technology that works at the cellular level to repair and remodel damaged tissues.  ACell is a naturally occurring matrix of proteins’ found in tissue layers.  ACell works to stimulate adult stem cells, which in turn will regenerate dormant follicular tissues.  This process will help to produce improved quality in hair growth.

ACell + PRP Procedure

This is an effective treatment in both men and women who are not interested in surgery. The procedure takes about an hour to complete.  First, a blood sample is collected from the patient which will be processed to produce the PRP.  Next a local anesthetic is administered to completely numb the treatment area, providing a very comfortable treatment session for the patient.  The ACell and PRP are combined and then injected into the treatment area. 

The procedure involves little to no downtime.  Patients can expect some swelling of the forehead which normally resolves within 24 hours.  Patients can immediately wash and style their hair post treatment. New hair growth can be seen as early as two months, but the patient should expect growth between four to eight months, with improvement up to one year.

Restore your hair for good!

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