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Strip Transplant 

Strip transplant allows us to trim smaller follicular hair unit grafts and make smaller incisions. Dr. Vargas then transplants those follicular unit grafts closer together to minimize the number of procedures a patient may require. Follicular unit transplantation has enabled the distribution of donor hair across larger areas of the scalp to create a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The Strip Transplant Procedure

Strip transplant consists of removing hair in a single strip from the back of the scalp.  The strip is then dissected under a microscope into individual follicular units for transplant. This method produces a linear scar across the back of the scalp.  Strip transplantation allows the follicular units to be separated with precision under a microscope increasing the rate of graft survival upon transplantation.  Dr. Vargas can choose from one to four hair units to design the restoration for the most natural looking results.

Meeting Your Needs

We offer “gold standard” options to our patients and customize the treatment plan based on individual needs.  Our recommendation is giving after a discussion between the doctor and patient once clarifying the patient’s expectations.  The best harvesting method will be selected for that individual.  Both Strip transplantation and FUE are offered at Vargas Hair Institute.

It’s time to get growing with strip transplant.

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