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Laser Lipo for Bat Wing Arm Fat

Good Bye Bat Wing Arms: Boost Your Confidence with Toned Arms

You bought the cutest pink tank top online for summer to wear it on your next beach trip. Now that you’re on your holiday, as you’re putting it on — that’s when you see it. There in the mirror, waving back at you, are unsightly bat wings. They’ve never been so glaringly obvious before, and it’s making you want to wear a cardigan or something to cover your flabby arms.

Your self-esteem has just taken a hit; your mood is down. Why is this happening to you and is there some way to come back from it?

What Causes Your Bat Wings?

Bat wing arms are common among older adults and people who are over their ideal body mass index (BMI). In the former, the condition occurs because the body loses collagen (which is responsible for sustaining the structure of tendons, skin, and cartilage for firm and elastic skin) as it matures.

Bat wings could also appear because of excess fat. People store more fat in certain areas, such as under the arms, thighs, and buttocks, so they are the likely candidates for sagging skin. Gaining weight, however, does not mean you will automatically develop bat wings. Your genetics and body structure play a larger role in determining your fate.

Although losing weight is an ideal solution for your dreaded bat wings, sagging skin is also likely to happen if you lose weight within a short period. With the extra weight on you, the skin expands to accommodate the body fats. Suddenly shedding the pounds doesn’t allow the skin to contract, leaving the skin to sag.

Eliminating Bat Wing Arms through Exercise

Certain workout routines help you tone your arms. You need to focus on lower weights and higher repetitions. Cardiovascular exercises and high-intensity training are also an excellent way to reduce fat around the muscles.

Exercises to try when eliminating bat wings include:

  • Tricep Dips
  • Pushups
  • Wall pushups
  • Plank
  • Burpees
  • Arm Lifts
  • Overhead Lifts
  • Downward-facing dog

These workout routines focus on building muscle tone in your upper arms. You can perform these exercises either at home or in the gym. Don’t forget to warm up before starting, though, because you could strain a muscle.

Doing at least four of these exercises is enough to reach your goal. You can perform the routines a few times a week, depending on your preference. Repeat each exercise 10 to 15 times for best results.

Cosmetic Surgical Procedure for More Toned Arms

Regular exercise and balanced diet greatly contribute to strengthening and enhancing the muscle tone in your upper arm. But these might not be enough because it can’t address extra skin that has lost elasticity. Moreover, not everyone has the time to perform intense workouts regularly.

If that’s the case, consider getting a cosmetic surgical procedure, like an arm lift, to enhance your upper arms. Arm lift or brachioplasty is a process where a doctor removes excess skin and fat from between your armpit and below. The doctor then places back the remaining skin over the repositioned contours for a more toned appearance.

Vargas Face and Skin offers safe body contouring services that deliver beautiful, natural results. We use the latest technologies and advances in cosmetics and plastic surgery. Our team will recommend the correct treatments and procedures that match you and your needs.

Say goodbye to your bat wing arms and wear your tank tops with confidence this summer. Contact us to learn more.

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