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The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

Historically, cosmetic enhancements have been used by women to roll back the hands of time. However, in recent years plastic surgery procedures for men are on the rise. In 2017, 7.7 percent of all cosmetic surgeries were performed on men. We want to talk about some popular plastic surgery procedures for men, but first let’s look at a quick history of male cosmetic surgery.

A History of Male Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures for men are not new. In the 1800s men of Irish and Jewish descent sought nose jobs because they wanted to avoid racial profiling. They felt that their noses signaled unwanted racial degeneracy. During World War I, many surgeons also started to reconstruct battle damaged faces using common cosmetic procedures. However, nowadays there is a new resurgence of men seeking to revitalize their appearances. Males want to look younger, thinner, and more vibrant for far longer than previous generations. In many regards, they are seeking the so-called fountain of youth by improving their bodies and faces through surgical methods.

Most Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Men are seeking many different cosmetic options to rejuvenate their appearances. Here is a list of the four top procedures that men are regularly asking about and undergoing:

  1. Liposuction: Even if a man is an avid workout enthusiast sometimes it’s just hard, if not impossible, to reduce love handles or other small areas of fat. No matter how hard he exercises, they don’t shrink. Men are no different than women when it comes to body image. They often become discouraged, so one of the easiest ways to effectively remove unwanted fat or cellulite is liposuction. The procedure is being embraced by men who are seeking a more trim and pleasing physique.
  2. Hair Restoration: It is no secret that men are self-conscious about hair loss. Hair restoration is the number one cosmetic procedure performed on men. Hair restoration procedures such as FUE and Strip Excision Harvesting allow men with thinning hair to regain confidence and look their best!
  3. Breast Reduction: Many people are shocked to learn that men are seeking breast reduction surgeries, but as a men start to age they often develop unwanted man-boobs which are fatty deposits. Large breasts can make any man feel self-conscious.  Following breast reduction surgery a man can expect to have a smooth and sculpted chest. Clothing fits better, and there is no unwanted jiggle during activity.
  4. Tummy Tucks: Aging makes a lot of men develop unwanted spare tires around their midsection. Even a hundred sit-ups per day will not eliminate the sagging tummy. However, an efficient tummy tuck removes the flab and tightens the midsection. Clothes fit better, and most men feel much happier with their newly redefined physiques.

Facelifts are more popular than ever amongst men

Men are exploring numerous ways to attain a younger appearance. Procedures, such as the following, fall under the heading of a “modern facelift“:

  • Otoplasty: Ear surgery
  • Quicklift: This procedure focuses on the lower and mid-face regions. Unlike a traditional facelift, it requires no surgery or downtime.
  • Brow lift: Lifts sagging brows to create a younger, bright-eyed appearance.
  • Blepharoplasty: An upper and lower eye lift.
  • Fat grafting: Creates plumper, younger facial appearance.
  • Cheek augmentation: Restores the balance to a face that is often distorted due to aging.
  • Facial laser liposuction: Contours the face and melts away fat.
  • Chin augmentation: Reshapes the chin to create symmetry and a pleasing appearance.
  • Rhinoplasty: A nose job.

Other Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

There are many other cosmetic procedures that men are also exploring such as the following:

  • Botox
  • Neck lifts
  • Laser hair reduction
  • Facial Peels
  • Skin pen
  • Waxing and Tinting
  • PRP
  • Facial Laser Resurfacing
  • Vein treatments

If you are interested in learning more about the many plastic surgery procedures for men, please contact Dr. Vargas and her team of medical experts to schedule a consultation.

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