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Topical PRP Treatments for Men

Whether you’re looking to give your skin a boost or heal scarring from acne, surgery or injury, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are a quick, pain-free way to rejuvenate your skin and promote healing using your own blood cells. PRP treatments at Vargas Face & Skin Center in Kansas City come with a wide variety of benefits in addition to aesthetic improvement to the face.

What Are PRP Treatments, Exactly?

Simply put, PRP treatments utilize your body’s red blood cells to stimulate the growth of new collagen, blood vessels and fatty tissue, resulting in smoother, more lifted and radiant skin. After a simple blood draw, we isolate the red cells from your blood’s plasma and then, with a HA fillers, inject them into the face. This causes the cells in your skin to divide and migrate, delivering nutrients and other growth factors to where your skin needs it most.

Areas That Can Be Treated

PRP treatments are most effective in aiding skin rejuvenation to the face, neck, chest, and hands. While many patients choose this method to restore volume and lift to the face, it can also be used to heal and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and other scarring caused by surgery or trauma.

Other Benefits of PRP Treatments

The beauty of PRP is that since it is processed from your own blood, there is no risk of allergy or rejection of the treatment. The entire treatment process takes about 10 minutes and virtually no downtime. You can get back to work immediately after your treatment and start reaping the benefits right away. PRP also works well in conjunction with laser treatments and MicroPens to to speed up the healing process after those treatments.

Scheduling Your Consultation

If a low-risk, minimally-invasive skin rejuvenating treatment sounds attractive, then PRP treatments might be the right course of action for you. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Vargas today to discuss your options and decide which skin rejuvenating treatment is best for you. Contact us today!

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