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Hair Transplant for Men

Suffering from male pattern baldness? Tired of that receding hairline? Long gone are the days of unattractive (and obvious) hair plugs—Dr. Hannah Vargas employs the latest technologies to restore your hair to its natural glory.

The Art of Hair Restoration

Thanks to advancements in hair restoration techniques, modern hair transplantation is now a refined method of taking hair from the back of the head and moving it to areas of loss. Dr. Vargas will effectively create more volume at the scalp or restore your hairline, for natural-looking results.

The Hair Restoration Procedure

Dr. Vargas uses two methods of hair restoration: Strip and FUE.

Strip transplant consists of removing a single strip of hair from the back of the scalp and using the individual follicular units of that strip for transplant. Because the follicular units are separated with precision, the rate of graft survival is high.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is similar to Strip transplantation. Where Strip utilizes a strip of hair, the FUE method extracts the follicular units straight from the scalp. While, the scar produced by FUE is smaller than Strip, however the damaged graft rates are much higher for FUE than strip transplant.

Hair Transplants at Vargas Face and Skin Center

Hair transplantation is an in-office procedure that uses local anesthesia. In most cases, the areas of grafted hair will begin to grow naturally by 10 to 16 weeks after the procedure and continue to grow as normal.

Your transplant options will be discussed with Dr. Vargas at your personal consultation. She will meet with you to discuss what is best for you as well as any recommendations she will have for you.

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