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MicroPen Treatments for Men

Are you dissatisfied with scarring, stretch marks (men get them, too!), or discoloration on your skin? Vargas Face & Skin Center in Kansas City offers the latest in skin care technology, including revolutionary MicroPen treatments, which can efficiently reduce the appearance of skin irregularities on the face, neck, and chest.

What Are MicroPen Treatments for Men?

MicroPen treatments for men involve using a micro-needling tool to painlessly penetrate the skin with tiny pulses, prompting a natural cell and collagen renewal process. These treatments work on all skin types and colors to immediately reverse damage and irregularities caused by the sun, acne and hyper-pigmentation.

Introducing SkinPen

Vargas Face & Skin Center is proud to offer SkinPen micro-needling treatments. SkinPen is an innovative MicroPen tool that effectively triggers new collagen production to improve skin texture issues like scarring, discoloration, stretch marks and wrinkles without causing scar tissue formation.

More Information About MicroPen Treatments

MicroPen treatments are quick and painless. After applying a numbing agent to the face about 20 minutes prior to the treatment, you’ll only experience a vibrating sensation as the clinician administers the SkinPen over the damaged areas. You’ll experience redness after the procedure. This will dissipate within a day after the treatment.

The number of treatments depends upon your desired outcome and how healthy your skin is. On average, most patients undergo three procedures every four weeks. Patients with more severe issues may need six to eight sessions every four to six weeks.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Dr. Vargas can help you determine if MicroPen treatments can solve your skin texture irregularities. During your consultation, you’ll discuss your skin’s needs as well as your desired goals. Schedule your consultation today!

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