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Ear Surgery for Men

Were you once a wrestler or boxer who developed the dreaded “caulflower ear”? Maybe those gauges you got in high school don’t suit your current lifestyle. Or maybe your ears have stuck out ever since you were a kid and you never quite grew into them. Either way, cosmetic ear surgery, or otoplasty, can help reshape your ears into a more desired shape or position.

Are You a Candidate for Ear Surgery?

Your reasons for receiving an otoplasty are unique to you. Vargas Face & Skin Center most commonly treats younger patients who were born with a genetic defect in the structure of the ears. Other otoplasty corrections include:

Cauliflower ear. Repeated trauma to the ear can damage the cartilage to the point where the day becomes deformed in appearance, similar to a cauliflower.

Oversized ears. While abnormally large or protruding ears rarely cause medical problems, many parents may wish to correct their child’s protruding ears early in life.

Cagot ear. A Cagot ear is one in which no lower earlobe is present.

Shell ear. The curve in the outer rim of the ear is missing.

Lop ear. The top of the ear appears to fold forward and downward.

Folded ears. Ears that are folded forward, similar to those of a cat.

Stretched earlobes. Years of wearing heavy piercings or gauges can stretch out the ears

Underdeveloped ears. Ears that appear too small or underdeveloped can be easily corrected.

Vargas Face & Skin Center also offers earlobe reduction, earlobe repair and gauge repair services to suit your needs.

Scheduling Your Consultation

Having an otoplasty is a highly personal decision.  All candidates for ear surgery are required to have an in-depth consultation with Dr. Vargas, where she’ll examine your ears and make recommendations for surgery. Child candidates must wait until the ears are almost fully developed (between the ages of 5 and 7) before having surgery. Schedule your otoplasty consultation today.

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