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Botox Injections for Men

Botox Injections For Men: Where You Might Need It Most

In today’s active world, people are undeniably focused on staying in exceptional physical shape by working out, watching what they eat, and remaining active in order to attain a longer, more fulfilling life. Part of the pursuit of extended youth also includes maintaining a younger facial appearance. Women have more readily sought out cosmetic procedures to maintain their looks than their male counterparts. However, nowadays men are also focusing on the same visage goals.

One of the leading cosmetic procedures undergone by both men and women are Botox injections. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that in 2016, 453,281 men opted to undergo Botox injections and the cosmetic procedure’s popularity amoungst males is only expected to grow. Here’s what you need to know about Botox injections for men, and some of the most common areas where they receive it.

What Exactly is Botox?

Botox is an injectable drug manufactured from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin. It is a synthetic neurotoxin that is injected into key points on the face to block the body’s chemical signals that run from the nerve to the muscle. By ceasing the nerve signal’s ability to reach the muscle the muscle does not contract. Wrinkles, especially deep lines, are generally caused by the repeated contraction of the facial muscles which create permanent creases on the skin’s surface and underlying layers. Halting the muscle’s ability to contact helps keep the skin smooth and youthful. Botox injections are one of the best ways men can reduce wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, and laugh lines.

How Long do the Botox Injections Last?

Botox injections usually last for up to three months before they need to be repeated.

Common Botox Injection Sites: Where You’ll Need It Most

Prior to injecting Botox into the skin, the doctor will create a map of dots on your face using a marker. The dots indicate each injection site. The most common injection areas are between the eyes, along with the laugh lines, on the forehead, and along the crows feet beside the eyes. The chin and lips are other, less common, injection sites.

When to Start Botox

Physicians advise starting preventative measures before the lines and wrinkles become too deep. Early life injections of Botox can prevent lines and wrinkles from ever developing. However, Botox can be used at any age for a dramatic and more youthful appearance. Currently, the most common ages for a man to undergo the injections ranges from between 35 to 65 years old.

Men Shouldn’t Hesitate to Seek a Younger Appearance

In an admittedly ageist work environment, many men are finding that looking younger is an asset to their careers. Not to mention, that many men have delayed marriage and families while pursuing their professional goals during early life. At middle age, a high majority of men find themselves in the dating world where physical youth is an asset for attracting a mate.

Many men worry about the stigma of seeking cosmetic procedures, but those taboos have been lifted in recent decades. Male celebrities and professionals have been actively touting their use and enthusiasm for Botox. There is no reason why a man who lives a healthy lifestyle and maintains his physical appearance should also not opt to combat fine lines and wrinkles to gain a more youthful, handsome appearance.

The medical professionals at Vargas Face & Skin Center are available to answer any questions you might have about Botox injections for men or any other cosmetic procedures. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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  1. I never knew how long Botox injections last. It’s good to know that they can last for up to six months. I’ve never really considered getting Botox myself, but it’s good to know that it can be a great option for men to maintain a younger facial appearance, like you said.

  2. I’ve been wanting to learn about botox, and I think that being able to get some information would be helpful. I like that you talked about how botox for wrinkles should be done before lines get too deep. I’m going to have to see what botox options I can find and see what we can find!

  3. I never knew that Botox injections usually last for up to six months. I was thinking of getting botox this summer and was wondering how long they last. Thank you for the information on botox injections.

  4. When I think of botox, I often think it is just for women. I like that you mention that men are benefiting from this just as much as women. Getting a younger look is something I have been working for and this procedure might be the secret.

  5. I really appreciate that you pointed out how men can strive to look younger as well. This is a great option for those that are trying to make sure that they feel good and have a successful feeling about them. My uncle that is looking into Botox injections would love reading this.

  6. I really appreciate your tip on how looking younger in order to find a mate is something that men shouldn’t be ashamed about. My brother told me that he has been looking for a wife since he wants to fill a void in his life, but he is concerned that he won’t be able to find a girl. I will be sure to tell him that botox might help!

  7. You mentioned that the most common ages for men to undergo injections are from 35 to 65 years old. This is good to know! My husband is really upset about getting wrinkles. He is 42 and has a lot! I think that he would be a perfect candidate for Botox. I’ll pass this information along so that we can start looking for a medical clinic to bring him to.

  8. I appreciate that you explained what exactly Botox is. I didn’t know that is was a synthetic neurotoxin that helps block the body’s chemical signals. My mother-in-law is considering getting Botox because of the wrinkles under her eyes, and knowing what it is first is helpful to demystify the process a little bit.

  9. It’s interesting how Botox is also becoming popular to men. As you’ve said, men who are delayed in marriage because of career pursuit will likely get botox procedures to look younger. I think this is fair because we are already living in a world where equality is pushed in every corner of society. If women can do it, so do men. I also heard that it has medical benefits apart from mitigating wrinkles, so why not?

  10. It got me when you said that botox will keep us from having wrinkles and lines since it will prevent it from developing. I will suggest this to my brother who has been complaining about his lines which he started to have when he reached his late 30s. This will bring back his confidence which can also be perfect timing since he will get married as well.

  11. I like how you said that there is no reason why a man shouldn’t maintain his appearance. I want my husband to get botox. I’ll relate this information about male botox to him!

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