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Anti-Aging Treatment Options for Turkey Neck

It’s now common for people to spend hundreds of dollars on facial skin care products that brighten, tighten, and hydrate their skin. Many, however, forget to give the same care and attention to the areas below the chin. It’s unfortunate because no matter how youthful facial skin appears, a person could still look older than his or her age if the skin on the neck has visible lines and sagging. When the skin on the neck begins to lose its elasticity, it is often referred to as “turkey neck.”

Treating Turkey Neck: Your Anti-Aging Options

Unsurprisingly, many consider surgical and non-surgical procedures, like a neck lift procedure and Botox injections, to correct turkey neck, but first let’s discuss why it happens in the first place.

A Natural Outcome of Aging

aging-turkey-neckAs we age, our bodies tend to lose muscle elasticity, and skin begins to sag. Weight loss may seem appealing for the younger crowd, but not so for women who are post-menopausal. Around this age, our skin’s thickness decreases by 1.13 percent and loses collagen content by 2 percent per year. As a result, a post-menopausal woman’s skin is less likely to retract and stay tight when she loses weight.

With neck muscles weakening and losing collagen, many experience an excess of skin that wrinkles and sags. Turkey neck is therefore inevitable, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Is Exercise a Viable Treatment for Turkey Neck?

Skincare websites and wellness gurus recommend exercising to keep the skin firm, healthy, and youthful. They even recommend it as a treatment for turkey neck. Exercise does have positive effects on the skin — a 2015 study established that exercise induces the production of interleukin-15 (IL-15). The researchers found that this daily low dose of exercise-induced IL-15 could reduce the effects of aging on the skin.

The positive outcomes, however, are minor. It’s unlikely that they could reverse the appearance of turkey neck, especially if there’s already too much excess skin. While there are safe exercises like stretching the neck daily that could help strengthen the muscles, but they are unlikely to restore the skin’s elasticity or correct the areas that are already sagging.

Treatments Options with Immediate Results

Surgical procedures that remove the excess skin in the neck remain the fastest and most effective way of treating a turkey neck. As mentioned above, a neck lift procedure, will tighten the skin and prevent fatty tissues from building up again in the area.

After about two weeks, most patients recover fully and can return to work. What’s more, they see the improvements in their skin right away.

Those who are wary of surgical procedures can also opt for non-invasive procedures and injectables that produce a similar outcome.

There is also the option of neck liposuction. This can help remove the fat around the neck and chin area. It can be combined with a neck lift to help tighten the skin after fat is removed.

Our experienced team can educate you about the treatments that can tighten the skin on your neck and give you a more youthful appearance. Get in touch with Vargas Face and Skin and schedule your consultation today.

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