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Workouts and Other Ways to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

Serious health issues aside, armpit fat can be a real problem for some. Statistically, the condition occurs in 2% to 6% of women and 1% to 3% of men.

Accumulated armpit tissue causes significant sweating, especially in the summer. Even without the odor, sweating excessively can still be quite uncomfortable. Not to mention, the tiny fat rolls pouring out of a short-sleeve shirt can only add to the discomfort.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to fully eliminate armpit fat. Below, read the main causes behind armpit fat, and learn the best exercises and approaches to getting rid of it successfully.

What Causes Fat To Gather Around the Armpits?

First, let’s discuss the main causes that lead to armpit fat deposits. If we exclude medical causes, such as issues with the lymph nodes or breast cancer, these are the most common causes of the condition:

Weight Gain

Weight gain is the most obvious cause of fatty armpits. When we gain weight, we also gain fat, and this fat tends to accumulate all over the body, including the armpits. The main way to get rid of fat around the armpits ⁠— and in general ⁠— would be through a proper nutritional diet and regular exercising. It needs dedication and discipline.


As we are all built differently, some of us may get armpit fat sooner than others. This is mainly due to genetics. As a result of our parents’ DNA, as well as our facial and bone structure, fat around the armpits can be easily inherited. For some people, storing fat can happen in upper body areas like the hips, belly, or chest.

The more your body is prone to store fat in the upper body, the higher the chance for armpit fat. You might want to check with your doctor whether genetics is the contributing factor.

Bad Posture

Armpit fat is not always fat per se. It can also manifest as an optical illusion mainly caused by bad posture. Our everyday lives revolve around hours of sitting or hunching over our computers or smartphones. This pulls the shoulders forward and presses the chests tighter.

Bad posture isn’t just bad for your spine. In addition to causing back pain and poor balance, it also causes all skin and fat around the armpits to gather at the front, ultimately giving the impression of having armpit fat.

Breast Size and Hormones

The fat around the armpits is usually connected to the fatty tissue that our breasts are comprised of. Breasts vary in size and shape between individuals, and hormonal changes can influence their composition over time. Getting more fat in the armpits may be a symptom of normal aging.

What are the Best Ways To Eliminate Armpit Fat?

How can you combat fat deposits in this pesky region? The first and main way would be to work out, and regularly so. Exercises that focus on the upper body will help strengthen the upper muscles, prompting the skin to lift. Not to forget, physical activity reduces fat as is ⁠— armpits or not.

Do Push-Ups

Push-ups are a classic fat-burning exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and quadriceps. This makes push-ups the ideal exercise to target three main upper-body muscle groups surrounding the armpits. Regular push-ups will help you lose upper body fat and get more defined and toned arms and shoulders.

Do Pull-Ups

Complementary to the push-ups, pull-ups target the back and the biceps ⁠— the reverse muscles. Do pull-ups at a pull-up bar to trigger all surrounding muscles to burn armpit fat faster and more efficiently.


Bicep Curls are a Friend

Moving away from bodyweight exercises, you can pick up some light weights and try doing bicep curls. On the one hand, you will be doing your arm muscles a favor by toning and slimming them. As a result, this exercise is the perfect solution to disposing of annoying fat in the armpits.

Tricep Dips Can Save the Day

The same goes for tricep dips. Dips are an easy exercise that can be done anywhere. They’ll help tighten the back of your arms, stretch the skin to become more elastic, and reduce the size of your armpit folds.

Reduce Caloric Intake and Lose Fat

The best way to complement your workout schedule is to focus on your nutritional diet and losing fat. Be careful not to starve yourself but introduce a balanced diet rich in proteins, fats, and carbs to help you lose weight overall, including in the armpit area.

You can’t lose weight topically ⁠— that is, in one body part only. So, a low-calorie diet is expected to help you slim down overall ⁠— and where it counts the most.

Work on Your Posture

You can also consider working on your posture. Avoid slouching on your chair. Try to walk upright, with your arms back and your shoulders down. Elongate your neck and breathe at a steady pace. After a while, you’ll notice that your armpit fat will look significantly reduced. You can also improve your posture by regularly practicing yoga and pilates.

Consider Buying New Clothes and Underwear

If dealing with armpit fat, consider the fact that you are perhaps wearing the wrong kind of clothing. Next time you go shopping, try several sizes of bras and shirts ⁠— a tighter or looser fit may do miracles when it comes to how your armpits look. Also, choose clothing made of breathable materials like linen, cotton, etc.

Ask Your Doctor for a Quality Liposuction Treatment

Finally, if none of these options do the trick, it is best to visit your doctor and discuss a possible solution, like liposuction treatment.

Laser Liposuction Can Change Your Life

In case you’re wondering where to start looking, we can help you by pointing to our doctors. Vargas Face and Skin specializes in skin and face treatments that will make you the most beautiful version of yourself ⁠— including topical laser liposuction treatments.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. You’ll get a life-changing procedures that’ll eliminate your armpit fat completely!

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