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Fat Transfer Procedure | Vargas Face & Skin Center

How Fat Transfer Will Transform Your Face

Fat Transfer Procedure | Vargas Face & Skin Center

Facial cosmetic procedures—and the theories behind why we age—have come a long way. Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is one such procedure that has been around for many years and is, especially now, a successful way to restore volume and youthfulness to the face. If you’re dissatisfied with facial wrinkles, deep lines and looking prematurely tired, fat transfer can transform your face—the natural way.

How Skin Ages—and How Fat Transfer Can Help

One way to look at aging is the gradual “pull” of gravity on your skin. Perhaps the more accurate theory is “deflation”—that is, over time your face experiences bone loss and a decrease in muscle and fat volume, leading to a hollowed, sunken look of deep folds around the mouth, jawline, cheeks, and eyes.

The fat transfer procedure is different from many cosmetic facial procedures in that it takes fat from your belly or thighs and injects it into your face to restore its underlying support structure. By injecting fat from a donor area into the wrinkles or “deflated” areas of your face, you’ll see an improvement in tone, texture, and smoothness in your skin for a complete transformation.

Natural-Looking & Long-Lasting Results

The over-plumped, unnaturally “full” look of the cosmetic procedure of old isn’t an issue with fat transfer. Micro injections with fat, which is a natural and readily available filler source, ensure that you receive an all-over, 100% improvement to restore the youthful curvatures of the face. On the other hand, non-natural fillers will only improve one area of the face up to 75% improvement.

And while chemical fillers are quick and easy, they only last between six months to a year. Fat transfer injections will last much longer, oftentimes permanently. These results can vary, however. Dr. Vargas has seen great success from a wide range of clients who have experienced long-lasting results after their fat transfer procedures.

An Alternative to the Face Lift

Sometimes women think that the only solution to their aging woes is a face lift. But this is not so! Fat transfer is a viable alternative to the face lift, especially when paired with an additional procedure like the QuickLift. Fat grafting is also non-invasive—sutures are virtually unnecessary (except in cases of tension), so you won’t have to worry about healing from stitches. This also ensures that your result is more natural-looking and healing time is quicker. Plus, the procedure e=generally only takes about an hour! If you’re wary about the face lift procedure, fat transfer can be a viable alternative that achieves similar results.

Dr Vargas’ clients rave about the success of their procedures, citing fuller cheeks, diminished wrinkles, and glowing, dewy skin. If you’re curious about whether or not the fat transfer procedure is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Vargas—she can perform an analysis of your face and make recommendations for this procedure, if need be.

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