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The Sun, the Sweat, The Zit: Ways to Prevent Summer Breakouts

For some, acne is a problem 365 days a year. But for others, this skin problem that affects 50 million Americans every year flares up when summer rolls around. Which is unfortunate because summer is a beautiful time of the year. The days are long and your social calendar is likely packed with beach days, grilling in the yard, and hanging out with friends.

Alas, doing these things also means that there’s no shortage of sweat and dirt. Factor in the harsh heat and it’s no wonder your skin suffers. But don’t let the threat of acne send you back inside and cause you to miss out on the fun. With the following face and skincare practices, you’ll be able to fearlessly show your summer glow.

1. Use the right products to prevent summer breakouts

skincare-productsOne of the main culprits of your summertime breakouts is increased oil production. Your sebaceous glands, the ones responsible for producing the natural oils of your skin, become overactive in the heat. This means they produce more oil than usual, resulting in oily and therefore acne-prone skin.

So, when using skincare products in the summer, make sure to choose oil-free variants; from toner, which removes dead skin cells that clog your pores, to moisturizer, which keeps your face hydrated. Apart from choosing oil-free products, make sure that they’re also a lighter formula so your skin doesn’t come into contact with too many chemicals.

Choosing the right product will depend on what type of breakout you normally deal with.

Products with salicylic acid are best for blackheads and whiteheads. Products containing benzoyl peroxide are best for mild to moderate pimples. If the acne is cystic, you will want to speak with a professional on what your treatment options are.

2. Summer acne? Don’t skimp on the sunscreen

sunscreen-shoulderA lot of lotion-type products can feel sticky and sunscreens are no exception. That doesn’t mean you should remove it from your skincare routine, though. If you do, your summer glow will turn into a summer woe. You’ll be walking around with red, itchy damaged skin.

If you are not wearing sun protection, the sun will also dry out your skin and your skin will try and compensate by producing more oil for hydration.

Mineral-based sunscreens, those with zinc oxide or titanium oxide, provide the best sun protection. Fortunately, there are many light and oil-free formulas available in the market. These will still provide you with sun protection without clogging your pores or making you feel sticky.

We highly suggest buying a daily moisturizer that has SPF 50+ so you don’t have to add an extra step to your routine.

3. Wash your face religiously

You should wash your face in the morning and at night, any time of year but it is especially important to do it in the summer. Heat causes pores to become larger and they can welcome in more bacteria which means that your skin is more prone to breakouts.

Sweat on its own doesn’t cause acne. However, bacteria builds up after outdoor activities. So if you’ve been playing beach volleyball, doing outdoor yoga, or went on a run, make sure you hop in the shower to prevent body acne, also.

4. Drink plenty of water

Ahh yes, the piece of advice that no skincare blog or article is complete without – drinking plenty of water. Water helps keep your entire body hydrated including your skin. As we said in the sunscreen section, dehydrated skin can result in an overproduction of oil.

5. Regular facials and other therapies

In addition to all of the above, regular facials from a professional are extremely important for those who experience acne flare-ups in the summer. A professional can recommend the appropriate treatment and skincare routine to help reduce and eliminate acne.

May benefit from semi-regular laser treatments while others may just need a HydraFacial and extraction every month or so.

Taking care of your skin all year long

Your acne may flare in the summer, but many skin problems aren’t tied to a season. At Vargas Face and Skin, we aim to create a beautiful and more natural appearance for you. Using the latest technology, whether it be for surgery or skincare formula, we help people look their best, most natural self, all throughout the year.

For more information on our services, contact us today.

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