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High Tech Facial Imaging Systems at Vargas Face and Skin

The Vargas Face and Skin Center of Kansas City is proud to announce the addition of the latest in high-tech facial imaging systems. The Reveal Imager by Canfield Scientific is a new facial imaging system that allows Vargas Face and Skin Center to identify various skin components during consultations with our clients, and provide clear and meaningful feedback. For our clients, we will be able to give them information about underlying vascular conditions and sun damage. This is particularly beneficial in terms of helping them decide which laser treatments, facials, or skin care regimens may best suit their skin condition. In addition, as an ongoing consultation tool, the Reveal Imager will allow us to show evidence of progress in their continuing skin care treatments.

The “magic” behind the Reveal Imager is in the way that it captures and displays image information about your skin. During each session with the Reveal Imager, the camera takes three images. The first image displays what your facial skin looks like under normal lighting conditions. The second and third images use a series of cross-polarized filters that reveal areas of sun damage, as well as brown spots, red areas and more. In one quick consultation, the Reveal Imager is able to detect sub-surface skin details and tell us all about the present condition of your skin. And, at the same time, the information gained about the condition of the various layers of your skin will allow for better consultations with our facial rejuvenation experts about the best course of ongoing treatment. In addition, the Reveal Imager also features a 3D Viewer that helps to identify and quickly reveal fine lines and wrinkles. This is particularly useful in defining areas for topical or injectable wrinkle treatments.

The Reveal Imager is the latest consultative tool employed by our facial rejuvenation team at Vargas Face and Skin. It is particularly helpful when we perform in-depth skin care evaluations or prior to microdermabrasions, medical grade chemical peels, or photo-facials for identifying red
and brown skin components.

At Vargas Face and Skin Center, our goal is to make your cosmetic surgery or facial rejuvenation experience a complete success. Whether you desire BOTOX injections, dermal fillers, laser body sculpting, or a facial plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Hannah Vargas will address the issues that are most important to you and create a beautiful, natural outcome.

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