A Skilled Surgeon. An Artistic Eye. A Woman's Perspective.

As a board-certified surgeon with over a decade's worth of experience, Dr. Hannah Vargas offers innovative cosmetic procedures that are customized to meet your unique aesthetic needs. Dr. Vargas, who has been featured in magazines such as Lucky and Women's Edition and has been voted Kansas City's "Top Doc" by other doctors in the area, offers a wide variety of services for any part of the body. Let us help you look and feel your best as we assist you along your aesthetic journey.

Cosmetic Procedures








  • "Dr. Vargas' skill, calm demeanor, understanding for my concerns, and no-pressure approach instantly put me at ease and gave me the confidence and reassurance I needed."

  • "Dr. Vargas is really amazing. She takes time with her patients and tells you what she thinks you need and then explains in detail all the steps involved. She has such a gift of making you feel special."

  • "I was fortunate to find Dr. Vargas. She and her staff were always pleasant and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Dr. Vargas!"


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