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Topical PRP Treatments

Topical PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) skin rejuvenation is a type of treatment that uses the red cells from your blood to provide volume and lift to your face. Using HA fillers, the PRP is injected into the face and acts as a growth factor, which help produce new collagen, fatty tissue, and new blood vessels, giving an overall smoothness and glow to the face.

How Does It Work?

With PRP injections, the physician draws a small amount of blood and isolates the red cells from a platelet concentrate, embedded in its own plasma. The entire process takes less then 10 minutes.

What to Know About PRP

Since the PRP is processed from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of allergy or rejection with this treatment. PRP can also be applied topically post-laser treatments and Micropens to help aid in healing.  Topical PRP treatment will speed up healing time and stimulate collagen production within the face, improving the overall laser results.

Get glowing with a Topical PRP Treatment!

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