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Ways to Brighten Up This Winter

3 Easy Ways to Brighten Up This Winter

Ways to Brighten Up This Winter

Feeling a bit worn? Haggard, even? Winter, with its lack of sunshine and brutally cold temperatures, has a unique way of wreaking havoc on your skin and, consequently, your confidence. During the long winter months, you might be feeling tired, sapped of energy and years older than you actually are. Fortunately, there are small yet effective steps you can take to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling years younger despite the harshness of the season. Here are three easy ways for you to brighten up this winter!

1. Brighten Your Smile

A bright, beautiful smile is a powerful feature that suits everyone well. In fact, 70 percent of people find that smiling is more attractive than a face covered in make-up. Enhance your smile’s natural beauty with products like Liquid Smile, a portable and convenient whitening pen that applies a potent 12 percent dose of hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. As quick as it is affordable, Liquid Smile works seamlessly into your bedtime brushing routine and will give you a pearly white smile in no-time.

Boost your whitening efforts by giving your chapped lips some TLC, too: lightly exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush and apply Vaseline to lock in the moisture and allow your ailing lips to heal overnight.

2. Brighten Your Brows

A full, well-defined brow can do wonders for your face and is all the rage right now. From celebs like Cara Delevigne to classic beauties like Audrey Hepburn, shapely, groomed brows can define your face and give you a noticeable “lift”. Eyebrow waxing will give you the perfect brow shape to suit your face and help correct over-plucked brows. Want even more definition? Try eyebrow tinting, which will darken, lighten or completely change up your color completely for a fresh new look and supermodel-worthy brows.

3. Brighten Your Skin

Sometimes all your skin needs is a little pick-me-up after enduring severe wind chills and plummeting temperatures. Facial peels are a quick and budget-friendly way to do just that! If you’re suffering from dry skin or you find yourself frowning more in the gloomy weather, try a rejuvenating facial peel like the Hydrafacial or a Sensi Peel to get your skin glowing and moisturized once again.

Vargas Face & Skin Center offers a wide variety of chemical peels and photo facials to help your skin fight back against the cold and unforgiving winter air. Most take as little as 30 minutes to complete, so you can grab one on your lunch break and no one will be any the wiser. Plus the warm and exfoliating effect of a peel on your face will totally rejuvenate your skin and your well-being! You’ll even turn back the clock and see improvement on fine lines and wrinkles.


Don’t let winter get you down! These simple treatments will work wonders on your skin and have you feeling like you’ve just hopped off the slopes instead of trudging grumpily through sludge.

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