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Options for thinning eyebrows…

I have been answering quite a few eyebrow treatment questions online, so I thought it would be a great topic to run through here.

In general, this is a topic for women but not always. Women are typically the ones who over plucked their eyebrows as teenagers, forever damaging the hair follicles.

It’s interesting that while men demand the most natural, modern procedures to address hair loss on their scalps, women still put up with antiquated technologies such as tattooing. Now, while all tattooing is not the same, almost all can be improved upon.


1. Add Latisse or Minoxidil to the brow either alone or over the tattoo. If you can get even some of the eyebrow growth stimulated, it will look much more acceptable.

2. A transplant may seem like a drastic step to take for eyebrows, but it gives, by far, the most sophisticated eyebrow result. This is a simple, office based procedure with much less down time than was required in years past. This provides an elegant and natural result that is all around more beautiful.

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  1. I have never plucked my eyebrows. I just never had much there, and what I do have is blonde. I dye them every so often but it washes away within 1 week.

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