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Introducing Liquid Smile: The Professional Teeth Whitening Pen

If you’ve been reading our monthly blog articles, or if you’ve visited our new office location, you’ve probably noticed that Vargas Face and Skin is making some exciting new changes. We have a new makeup and skin care product line, a new full-time esthetician, Lindsey Pratt, and a new Sciton laser treatment for lumpy or dimpled skin. But we also have a new professional teeth whitening pen to offer our clients. And although you don’t often hear about teeth whitening at a facial rejuvenation center, we’re excited to offer Liquid Smile to our clients.

If you haven’t heard about Liquid Smile yet, it’s probably because the product is only available through authorized providers in the medical and dental community. Vargas Face and Skin is proud to be one of those authorized providers in the Greater Kansas City Area. Liquid Smile has been recently named one of the Top New Products by Dental Products Report magazine, and endorsed by some of the leading aesthetic and cosmetic dentists in the world.

So, why is Liquid Smile being offered by Vargas Face and Skin? Simply because our rejuvenation center is focused on offering a full range of facial rejuvenation products. When we perform an in-depth skin analysis, a makeup session, or any of our facial treatments, your total appearance is always a primary concern. We’ve talked with a number of our patients about the areas of their appearance that they most wish to improve, and the subject of teeth whitening always seems to come up in these discussions. Therefore, we decided to find a teeth whitening solution that met our high standard for quality and effectiveness. Liquid Smile is our final choice, due to the fact that it is easy to apply, contains a 12% hydrogen peroxide solution for maximum whitening results, and can be easily added to an evening brushing routine before bedtime. Sound interesting? Let’s take a quick look at the Liquid Smile professional teeth whitening pen and see how it works.

The Liquid Smile professional whitening pen is a paint-on teeth whitener that requires no strips, trays, or hassle. It’s a professional-grade whitener that is safe, effective, and easy to apply. You can paint on the Liquid Smile gel at night before bedtime (after brushing and flossing), let the gel dry on your teeth, and then go to sleep. Liquid Smile only takes a minute to apply, dries on the surface of your teeth in 30 seconds, and works all night to help you achieve a bright, white, beautiful smile. Most of our patients will start to see results after only a few applications, but some may see results after the very first night!

Liquid Smile is the next best option to having a cosmetic dentist whiten your teeth in your own home (which they won’t typically do for you!). So, if you’re interested in adding a beautiful, white smile to your skin care evaluation, makeup session, or any other facial rejuvenation treatment, just ask one of us about Liquid Smile and we’ll tell you all about it!

At Vargas Face and Skin, Dr. Hannah Vargas is ready to address the issues that are most important to you and help create a beautiful, natural outcome for your specific needs. If you wish to have an in-depth consultation with Dr. Vargas, please click here to access our Contact Form page.

We’ve moved to a NEW office! Come see us at our new location at 5000 W. 95th Street, Suite 170, in Prairie Village, Kansas. You can paste our address into Google Maps and get quick and easy directions.

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