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Medical Spas …. Booming Industry, but how safe are they? Plastic Surgery Kansas City


So, why all the recent negative attention of Medical Spas?

It appears that some medical spas are run by absent physicians who reall don’t contribute much to the overall operations of the spa! (see article belo)

Why Vargas Face and Skin Center then?   

1.  Dr. Vargas is a board certified head and neck surgeon, who has been a leader in cosmetic medicine and surgery in the KC Metro area for nearly 10 years.

2.  The Team at VFSC is comprised of licensed nurses, esthetician and certified medical assistant – all trained under the watchful eye of Dr. Vargas.

3.  The Expectations.  Procedures are clearly defined at VFSC.  You know exactly who will be performing what, and you are aware of the credentials of each practice member.

Vargas Face and Skin Center is the only practice of Dr. Vargas’ and she is intimately involved with every procedure, decision and patient who visits the practice.

4.  Quality.  Because Dr. Vagas has been in practice focusing of cosmetic procedures, she has a large compilation of before and after photos for patients to view in order to help in their decision making process.

5.  Experience.  Dr. Vargas has significant experience with all skin types.  She can guide patients toward safe, effective treatments for individual skin types and problems.

6.  Safety.  While emergency situations are quite rare in this field, all safety protocols are strictly enforced and evaluated.

7.  The Goal.  At VFSC, we cosntantly strive to prove the most modern cosmetic care for our patients in a face and effective way.  Dr. Vargas and her staff are alway educating themselves through national education meettings and dicsussions with collegues across the country.  We take your care very seriousely.  This is our pledge to you.


Medical spas are a booming industry, but serious questions have arisen about how safe it is to have cosmetic treatments involving injections and lasers when there may not be a doctor in the house. 

Tucked into malls and shopping centers, these facilities typically offer laser treatments to zap away unwanted hair on your legs, chemical peels, injections of Botox and Restylane (an injectable filler to smooth out facial folds), often at cut-rate prices that seem too good to be true. 

And as more and more Americans flock to these loosely-regulated spas, there’s been a surge of malpractice cases over complications of botched treatments, including burns, scars, infections and even deaths.

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