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Medical Spa vs Cosmetic Surgery (Non-surgical Services) Plastic Surgery Kansas City, Ks. Laser treatments Kansas City.

Medical Spa (Non-Surgical Services)

Cosmetic surgery is a great choice for many people, but sometimes our patients aren’t quite ready for a permanent surgical fix. Instead, the non surgical procedures we offer can give many of the benefits of face lift or other cosmetic surgery without the discomfort and downtime. It is easier than ever to look your best with minimal downtime, minimally invasive non surgical cosmetic treatments.

Our non surgical services are changing the face of the cosmetic landscape. With such procedures as chemical peels, laser services, and injectable treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic, women and men in the Kansas City area are able to improve their looks in only minutes. You can get more information on the treatments we offer when you request a consultation and come visit with us in person.

What Are My Options?

If you are unhappy with lines, discoloration, or other skin blemishes that have started to show, learn more about the minimally invasive treatment options we offer. There are more non surgical treatments available than ever before, making it easy to enjoy long lasting improvements in how you look and feel.

Why Should I Choose Vargas Face and Skin Center for My Treatment?

There are dozens of doctors and spas offering non surgical procedures in the Kansas City area but they are not all created equal. When you choose VFSC, we are committed to providing you with a top notch experience and high quality results.

  • Our caring staff will provide you with personal attention and help you along as you decide which non surgical treatments are right for you.
  • Non surgical procedures are overseen by Dr Vargas, a highly trained surgeon who has years of experience practicing cosmetic and head and neck surgery.
  •   Dr. Vargas is a board certified head and neck surgeon, who has been a leader in cosmetic medicine and surgery in the KC Metro area for nearly 10 years.
  •  The Team at VFSC is comprised of licensed nurses, esthetician and certified medical assistant – all trained under the watchful eye of Dr. Vargas.
  •  Experience.  Dr. Vargas has significant experience with all skin types.  She can guide patients toward safe, effective treatments for individual skin types and problems.
  •   The Goal.  At VFSC, we cosntantly strive to prove the most modern cosmetic care for our patients in a face and effective way.  Dr. Vargas and her staff are always educating themselves through national education meettings and discussions with collegues across the country.  We take your care very seriousely.  This is our pledge to you.

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  1. Thanks for that information about non surgical treatments. because sometimes surgical treatments don’t need when non surgical treatments are right for a patient & also some people are not fit for instant cosmetic surgery.

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