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FAT GRAFTING….. for softer and fuller features. Plastic Surgery Kansas City. Wrinkles around mouth. Treatment for wrinkles.

FAT GRAFTING is the process of taking fat from the belly or thighs, reprocessing it, and then placing it in the face with micro injections.  Fat grafting is an old procedure and was fraught with problems because of harvesting and processing techniques.  Over the last 10 – 15 years, fat grafting has been refined to meet the technologies of today.   

Our idea of aging has undergone a metamorphosis.  In the past, the leading aging theory was that gravity pulled our facial structures down.  Now we look at aging as deflation.  Deflation comes from decreasing fat and muscle volume and bone loss.  Fat grafting restores the youthful curvatures of the face in a natural way.     



 48 year old woman comes in for evaluation for a face-lift, because she feels as though she looks hollow and tired.

After a thorough discussion, she opts for FAT GRAFTING only.

The result for this patient is a much softer and fresher appearance, without any cutting or incisions.

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