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Changes as we age…Plastic Surgery Kansas City, Ks. Face Lift Kansas City, Ks

Dr. Vargas’ expertise is in facial plastic surgery.  She has trained for 10 years, after college, and has practiced for over 9 years.

This education and experience has elevated her to a level of being a uniquely qualified, and sought after facial plastic surgeon.

This review is not intended to explain all possible procedures, but rather to explain Dr. Vargas’ philosophy in preventing the severity of aging changes and tackling already established problems.  Dr. Vargas offers a wide range of options, from amazing skin care to skilled surgery.  She offers her patients an artistic eye, with a female approach and the skilled hands of surgeon.

Global Changes

Often women see themselves through a magnifying mirror, with a bright light, because this is how we apply our make-up.  The problem with this  approach is we sometimes allow ourselves to focus on one particular area, or wrinkle.  I will ask my patients to take a step back and see themselves the way others see them.   There are many different changes that take place all over your face that provide clues to your true age.  Everyone develops the problems somewhat, but not always to the same degree.

Skin Changes

Pigmentation or color starts creeping in, usually red or brown in nature.  “Sun spots” and small red veins become more evident in your skin.  The skin texture changes with less collagen, and more wrinkles.  These are small changes that subtly add to the look of an older patient.  Think of a 70-80 year old person with lots of skin lesions.  This process starts early.

Volume Decreases

Bone, muscle and fat all start to resorb and one does not have the craniofacial support that holds up your skin. Think of someone who loses their teeth early which causes thinning of the jaw bone and how aging that is to someone’s face.  Indentations and hollows characterize the aging face and transitions from one part of the face to another become abrupt.

Descent and Laxity

With a combination of the above two problems, descent becomes inevitable.   For a successful natural outcome all 3 issues need to be addressed, to some de gree.  To further understand these changes in yourself, study old pictures of your younger self.   Not that we want to take you back to age 20, but because we want you – to stay you,  but just look more refreshed and rejuvenated.

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Vargas, please do bring in photographs from different decades of your life.  This will help you understand what has taken place and how to move forward.

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