Chin Augmentation Surgery - Kansas City

The difference in the chin and jaw of a man and that of a woman is quite distinct. As a standard of beauty, women are expected to have a more delicate chin - but one that balances well against the nose and cheeks. In men, there is an expectation for a more geometrically-pronounced jaw line.

Cosmetic chin surgery - sometimes called mentoplasty - is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin by augmentation or enhancement (chin implants). In most cases, chin augmentation is performed in order to create facial harmony between the chin, nose and surrounding cheeks.

The chin is an area that is often neglected in facial plastic surgery but is an essential structure for facial harmony in both men and women. In females - especially the young - a small chin may sometimes result in the appearance of a large nose. As she ages, this feature imbalance will lead to an increase in the appearance of jowls and a fatty neck. In males, a small chin can be emasculating. In either case, a chin augmentation or chin enhancement may be right for a situation in which a weak or receding chin and a prominent nose are creating an imbalance in facial features.

Chin implants and chin augmentation procedures add definition to the lower jaw and reduce the appearance of a large nose. In some cases, Dr. Vargas performs chin implant procedures in Kansas City that are performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) for maximum facial aesthetic.

A list of potential candidates for chin augmentation:

  • Individuals with an overly-prominent nose
  • Those with a weak or recessed chin
  • Those with a squared or pointed chin


What to know about chin augmentation:

The decision to have elective chin augmentation is highly individualized. Your in-depth consultation with Dr. Vargas in Kansas City will involve an extensive exam of your chin, nose and cheeks. Measurements and photos may be taken at this time. In your consultation, Dr. Vargas will also review all of the options (cheek implants, cheek augmentation, mid-face lift, non-surgical or traditional face lift) to help you make an informed decision about the procedure that best suits your need.

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